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Null’s Brawl

However, Null’s Brawl is a private server that allows us to play with all the game’s improvements, including new brawlers that would usually cost us loads of money to unlock them or their additional equipment. And you can play against bots or join a club or clan, even allowing you to create your own one with your friends. There are also game rooms where you can find other users of this Brawl Stars MOD.

Therefore, if you want to play Brawl Stars with all its new features and enhancements on a private server, don’t hesitate to download this APK: unlimited gems, endless keys, boxes ready to be opened, unlocked brawlers… all in all, just as if it were an app to patch Brawl Stars.

Null’s Brawl 28.171

A new Surge brawler has been added to the server and all its corresponding gadgets with star powers. This time we managed to implement a simulation of knocking out brawlers, star powers and gadgets. Therefore, you can try to knock out a new brawler from the boxes that are in the Brawl Pass on top.

Brawl Pass and Season Two

Brawl Pass was updated to the second season, called “Summer of Monsters”. The only functionality of this function has not yet been completed, but we will deal with this in the near future.

New skins

Previously, we already updated the server with new skins, so there was no problem adding them to the new version. For the rest, we updated the textures and added animations for all the new images.

New game mode

At Null’s Brawl, you can already try the new game mode “Super City Rampage”. Quite a difficult mode as it may turn out, so you should test it. We also remind you that our game servers have been updated and behave stably with the new version of the game.

Changes to Null’s Brawl 28.171:

  • Added a new brawler: Surge
  • Added new skins;
  • Added all new star powers
  • All new gadgets added
  • Updated Brawl Pass to Season 2
  • Trophy Road 50,000
  • The /addscore command now adds 1000 trophies to each brawler
  • New maps added
  • Updated gaming environment
  • And more

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